Renovate Your Bathroom for Less – Tub Refinishing, Tile Reglazing & More

We know exactly what brought you here. Perhaps you have been lurking around the web looking for bathroom remodeling ideas and inspirations. You have been reading and scrolling endlessly over the Internet for resources and probably downloading photos of beautifully renovated bathrooms for possible concepts that you can imitate and apply to your own dream bathroom improvement projects. However, you are having second thoughts and feeling intimidated by the project cost. Maybe some of the materials and articles you have saved are proposing a lavish and very costly budget that you must prepare in order to achieve the finished product.

Now, if you do not find yourself spending too much on bathroom improvement projects, but you want to get pretty much the same exact results as the ones budgeted with thousands of dollars; we want to welcome you aboard. We are here to guide you on a worthwhile, creative, and an inexpensive journey to achieving the bathroom design and structure of your dreams without having to spend a hefty amount. From getting new shower curtains and bathroom mats, hanging new mirrors and lights up to tub refinishing, we got your back! To give you a brief introduction on who we are and what we do, we are best of friends who are realtors by profession and home remodeling experts by passion. In our years of working together, we have turned old, aged, and hideous home set ups into posh and modern-looking gems, as if they were never in bad shape. 


Home remodeling projects in general can cost from around $10,000 up to a whooping 25,000. However, things can turn and be in your favor if you have the willingness to invest your creativity and do a little research. If so, these home remodeling projects that can be done for only $1,000 or even less. This depends on how much change and reconstruction you want to do. 

It is very important when starting a bathroom remodeling project to determine how much change and enhancement you want to do. If you are on a very tight budget, say you are only willing to spend around a thousand or less, sticking to cosmetic changes is the best option. This includes new fixtures, new sink for example, and a new paint or refinishing if you want to speak technical. On the other hand, if you are on the grandeur side and are willing to spend some big bucks, you can do major changes and improvements such as reconstructing bigger shower stalls, purchasing new fixtures as replacement, and installing new windows; but then again, we want you to save as much as possible and at the same time get the most out of your hard-earned money. Read along, take on our thrifting ideas, and enjoy.


Renew and Avoid Buying New

Need we say more? Replacing your old and dated bathtub, shower, and even sink can cost you a luxury. Instead, you can opt to just retain your fixture and give it a new look. You might be asking how it is possible to give your ancient tub an updated appearance; and the answer to that is to do bathtub refinishing. You have two choices when it comes to pimping your valued fixture: you can do it on your own or you can hire skilled professionals from tub refinishing companies that offer such service for prices that can match your allotted budget. Most of these bathtub refinishing service providers work with tubs that are made of cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic, and porcelain; so before you grab your phone and ring their hotline, it is vital for you to determine which material was used in making your bathtub so they can provide an estimate or a quote even over the phone. Such refinishing services are commonly priced from $300 to $450 depending on the amount of labor required in beautifying your bathtub. Whereas doing the refinishing by yourself can cost you around a hundred bucks up to a hundred and fifty; the materials that you will need will be a sander, a scrubbing brush that is not too abrasive, a paint brush, a spray bottle, and face masks for your protection. Although doing the project by yourself can spare you from spending extra, we also suggest that hiring and calling in a pro to do the job is equally practical. Aside from the fact that these pros can do the job flawlessly and perfectly, hiring them can save you time – something that you can already devote to other activities.

Buy Pre-owned Items

As much as we want to advise you that whatever you currently have in hand is enough, the fact that you might need to purchase some new additions is unavoidable. Now, do not be fooled by the word “new” as it does not necessarily have to be its exact definition. It could mean some pre-owned items from thrift stores. There are quite a number of good shops which are accessible online that sell affordable secondhand fixtures and bathroom accessories such as mirrors, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and even doors.


You can go for any theme that you desire, but do not forget to accentuate your dated vanity countertop with a mirror and a set of hanging lights that complement the vibe you want to pull off. One of the most common themes for vanities these days is Old Hollywood. This motif is normally dominated by white and rustic gold – so rustic that it is almost bronze. Replace your boring vanity mirror with an antique that is intricately bordered with rustic gold frames. To complete the opulent aura, you can take off your old white bulbs, and replace them with hanging lights that emit warm white illumination. Having the two combined, you can feel as if you are in an Old Hollywood film exchanging lines with Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, your choice. Pre-owned mirrors and lights are available in thrift furniture shops for pocket-friendly prices.

Think Environmental

Do not be confused; we will not ask you to plant a tree or build a mini ecosystem for butterflies. Instead, we want to suggest that you think about the environment when getting your bathroom improvement projects accomplished. Some of the fixtures that you can incorporate and include in your projects are low-flow sinks, shower heads, and even toilets. Not only do they help you to save bucks from paying high amounts of cash for utility bills, they also contribute to saving Mother Earth by their water-saving components. What’s even better news is that these low-flow or water-saving shower heads and faucets are commercially priced the same as the traditional ones, if not less.


Going for zero waste is also something to consider when doing bathroom improvement projects. Did you know that you can repurpose your old mason jars that are stuck inside your cabinets somewhere in your kitchen? We doubt you do. Aside from its typical drinking use, your old mason jars can transform into soap dispensers and beautiful toothbrush storage. Sticking with the Old Hollywood theme, you can take the mason jars and spray-paint them with gold; lo and behold, the once boring and dull mason jars can look lavish and expensive without you buying anything from the mall’s decors section. Putting the environment in mind when giving your bathroom its well-deserved makeover, or going green as the laymen would say, does not only save you money, but also serve an important purpose to the community.


Save Up with Sink and Tile Reglazing

Let’s make it simpler; reglazing also means repainting or refinishing. Your sink and tile surrounds, as we have stated earlier, can be costly if you decide to replace them entirely with brand new units. It is safe to say that as your bathtub accumulates years of usage, so do your sink and tiles. Soap suds, gruesome dirt, and gunks can build up on the surfaces and between each tile, especially the ones on the flooring. Replacing them entirely can eat up time and take a lot of money, which makes getting sink and tile reglazing services the better option.

Frankly, you do not need to replace your fixtures entirely because reglazing services can deliver results that can match your expectations and standards. Say, sink reglazing can remove stains and chippings and fix corrosions at the same time. The surfaces can also be saved and repaired, and be given an extended life span of up to ten to fifteen more years. The exact same process is done to the tiles, giving each unit a seamless, shiny, and gleaming surface without the expense of buying new ones.


Modernize the Fixtures

Do not be intimidated by the term “modernize” as we only mean upgrade; and upgrading your fixtures does not mean that you need to run to the nearest furniture shop and shell out some bucks at the checkout counter. You can update your shower curtains, towel racks, and even your bathroom mats. Those small details may seem insignificant, but updating them can make a huge difference in your bathroom’s entire appearance.

Shower curtains can surprisingly make a bathroom look relatively bigger and spacious than it actually is. They are just the perfect option if you want to avoid spending for glass enclosure doors and if you do not have the luxury of space inside your bathroom for a swinging door. Moreover, shower curtains can also speak for your fashion taste; so get creative when choosing the design. Make sure that the pattern or the color complement other fixtures such as the sink, vanity mirror, and tiles, among others.


Do not forget to update the mats as well. Although they can be the least noticed when it comes to your bathroom’s aesthetics, it is equally important that you pay just as much attention to it. You can take inspiration from the theme that you want to go for when choosing the right bathroom mat and its texture. Some would like to go with faux fur, us for example. Faux fur adds a feeling of royalty and glamour, and is actually very versatile. Bathroom mats that are made from such material can complement almost all motifs. In our case, we like to accentuate the bathroom floorings with an animal print faux fur that perfectly go with Old Hollywood, opulent, and rich vibe that we want to pull off. Plains are also in for minimalist designs.

Updating your fixtures and giving your bathroom a brand new look do not necessarily have to be expensive. There are a lot of alternative ways and options that you can go for instead of running to the mall or furniture store to purchase new ones. Take your sink and tiles as direct examples; you really don’t need to detach and replace them entirely to repair chips and stains. The same thing applies to your precious bathtub; there is definitely no need to buy an expensive brand new ceramic piece when you can attain the same appearance by reviving its gleaming look through tub refinishing. All you have to do is to get creative, play with your imaginative mind, do mix-and-match, and don’t hesitate to call for assistance if you must.